Name nimeth/x/prince
Date Of Birth 08/17/04
Interests llsif, enstars, f/go, megaman, boktai
Location wa, usa
Age 13
R/S Status taken
Gender nb (it/they)
Sexuality lesbian

hey, im nim and my ass cannot stop fixating on characters with god complexes.

im a little bit sensitive and sometimes i take jokes too seriously, please be gentle with me and just tell me if im reading something the wrong way, i really appreciate it and it relieves my anxiety. im hypersexual because of previous trauma, so i might excessively talk about sexual content, just tell me and ill stop. im sorry if i ever make you uncomfortable, im just bad with boundaries.


  1. siegfried, black faction (fate)
  2. yohane, hanayo, guilty kiss (love live)
  3. nagisa, koga, eichi, ex-fineP, undeadP (enstars)
  4. aion, wendy, shingancrimsonZ (sb69!)
  5. yamada, reina, teamC (project tokyo dolls)